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What makes Golden Spoon products different and superior to products offered by other brands?

Golden Spoon has a 30-year pioneering heritage focused specifically on product quality. Unlike other brands, frozen yogurt is our only product and Golden Spoon clearly offers the best of texture, taste and nutrition, making ours a true ‘healthy indulgence’.

Health – Our products are available in over 80 no-fat and low-fat formulations, that are low in calories and contains six (6) pro-biotic cultures to aid digestion and general health (other frozen yogurts have only 3-5 pro-biotic cultures). Naturally, frozen yogurt is much healthier and much lower in fat and calories than ice cream and other frozen dessert products.

Taste – Golden Spoon has often been called The Ice Cream Lover’s Yogurt™. Golden Spoon is the only frozen yogurt that has the taste and texture of world-class, soft-serve, premium ice cream. Our frozen yogurt formulations provide exact-tasting traditional and nostalgic flavors, as well as Golden Spoon exclusives, seasonal, and even localized flavors for international markets. Rest assured, that if we call something Peanut Butter Cup, it tastes exactly like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or we simply don’t serve it. Other frozen yogurt products simply do not compare with Golden Spoon. Our customers can attest that no other brand hits the mark on taste, creaminess, and health like Golden Spoon.

Quality Ingredients – All Golden Spoon yogurt is made with only the finest ingredients right here in our Southern California creamery located only minutes from our corporate offices. Our product is quickly frozen in its final and complete form for immediate shipment worldwide. This assures precise, delicious Golden Spoon flavors ready to pour into soft serve machines in your local stores. The results speak for themselves.

Is Golden Spoon a registered franchise?

Golden Spoon Franchising Inc. is a registered franchise company. We adhere to franchise law and best practices in the areas we operate. Our domestic contracts include Multi-Unit Franchise agreements, which provide unit franchisee rights to a specific geographical area and each store within that area. Our international contracts are Master Franchise Agreements, which provide for both franchising and limited sub-franchising rights within the specified country/region of operation.

What are the next steps in the process?

Complete the online Inquiry (This is NOT an offer to purchase a franchise).

  • Prospective franchisee will be asked to complete a franchise application.
  • Golden Spoon Franchising will review and qualify all applications.
  • If initially qualified, the prospective franchisee will download and review the Golden Spoon FDD.
  • Read, sign, and return the FDD receipt.
  • If selected, the prospective franchisee will participate in the discovery process. This is a personalized and efficient process between Golden Spoon Franchising and the prospective franchisee.

Upon completion of a successful discovery process, dates for closing will be set at which time the franchise agreements will be signed.

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