Pricing and Service

The legacy of Golden Spoon continues with our fabulous full service stores and traditional pricing. Always on the cutting edge, Golden Spoon has introduced our new WEIGHTLESS PRICINGSM and new service model in select locations. New stores are open in Carlsbad and La Costa with several more to follow in Orange and San Diego Counties, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Our customers love our new pricing and service. We don’t care how much your yogurt weighs; it’s always your way and delicious.

Weightless PricingSM


The self-service model with scales is so yesterday. Since 1983, we've never weighed a single cup of yogurt. Buy your cup, and fill it as much as you'd like!

Concierge Artist

Full service your way

Concierge As always, we are here to serve you, if that's your choice. You tell us what kind of frozen yogurt experience you are in the mood for, and we'll do the rest. We are taking our full service to a whole new level. We'll even bring it to your table.

Artist That's it, go crazy. Create a masterpiece all your own. Select the flavor. Heck, mix flavors. Pick your toppings, how much and make it exactly the way you like it. Have fun. It's your yogurt!

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