Over 25,000 of our most loyal customers visit Golden Spoon every single day. In fact, research shows that we have among the most loyal customers in the world. You have been choosing our frozen yogurt for over 30 years, and introducing your kids and grandkids to it too. Many of you choose Golden Spoon as a meal replacement several times a week as part of your healthy lifestyle. Many of you also choose Golden Spoon over any other location to celebrate life's everyday moments ... the first "A" on a report card, getting a new job, or winning the game!

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We've been sweetening smiles since 1983 and we want to reward our loyal fans! The "G" Club is an online club that scores you access to tons of great offers! Just for filling out this form you will receive a "Buy One Get One" Coupon and a free frozen yogurt every year on your birthday!*

* Buy One Get One Coupon is good for one cupful size of yogurt. Limit one per customer.

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