Giving Back

Giving back


At Golden Spoon, our commitment is so much more than creating an exceptional frozen yogurt experience for our loyal customers. Golden Spoon provides jobs for over 3,000 families in 5 countries. We consider all of them to be our family. Golden Spoon owners, management, and employees have lived within the communities we serve. We have a personal connection to the neighborhood and a genuine concern for its well-being and livelihood. Our children go to school with yours. We are leaders within our communities and serve outside our businesses in a variety of roles, including city councils, school boards, sports teams, charitable organizations and more. It's our community too. We've been here for 30 years, and we'll be here for at least 30 more.


                  Giving back to our community also means giving back to our environment. We are leading the industry and setting the example by replacing all of our styrofoam cups with an exclusive, eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative. Read press release here.

FACT: Our new cups bio-degrade in 21 days.

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